Hails Shockers and Steelers,

It’s been almost one year since ‘For Metal To Battle’ was released. We are still very proud of the blood, sweat and tears we put into the album to make it what it is and are very pleased with the way the album was received by the true heavy metal fans and the press all around the globe.

The shows we did in front of you steelhearts have been amazing and pure energy. So a big mighty THANK YOU to all of you for your incredible support so far!

Needless to say that the fire kept burning stronger and stronger and behind the scenes we have been forging new steel! And we are so pumped-up and excited that we couldn’t keep the news a secret anymore.

So beware as the battle rages on WITH FIRE & STEEL!

The cover artwork is created by Robert Leerentveld from the VORTEX-fame, who has done an amazing job on this one as well.

We are proud and excited to announce that the album will be mixed and mastered by the mighty Jörg Uken at the Soundlodge Studio (Anvil, Stormwarrior, God Dethroned, Suicidal Angels a.m.o.) in Germany.

The Dutch-German-Greek connection will also continue as the album will be released on ALONE RECORDS once again.

Mark in your calendars, because 1 March 2019 will be Shockin’!