Welcome to the website of Steel Shock

Hailz Shockerz,

Welcome to the new website of old-school Dutch/German heavy metal act STEEL SHOCK!

We are a bunch of friends that got together with the sole purpose to play the music that we love, admire and live for: old-school heavy metal. We embrace the ancient ways of hardrock and heavy metal, and all its glorious clichés. We’re having a good time, because we do what we love, and we love what we do! We love heavy metal, we live for heavy metal and we fight for true heavy metal.

So if you’re in for an old-school true heavy metal worship and in for a good time, look further and find out all about us. Keep a close eye on the website, our Facebook site and our Youtube channel for the latest updates, and let’s have some fun.

Keep safe, keep it METAL and Shock That Fuckin’ Steel...